I am on the side of Pathan – PAK MP said on Mahira Khan’s statement

Mahira Khan With Pathan: Pakistan MP from the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Dr Afnan Ullah Khan has been embroiled in controversies regarding one of his tweets. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan Controversial statement has been given regarding However, people are also trolling him for his controversial statement.

Afnan Ullah Khan accused Mahira Khan that she keeps on flattering Indian actors for money. This tweet of Afnan Ullah came when recently during an interview he said in gestures that he is on the side of Pathan. It was said in the reports that Mahira’s reference was towards former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

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Pakistani MP did this controversial tweet

Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan said, “Mahira Khan has a mental health problem and Anwar Maqsood is an alcoholic in this part of his age. People should curse these two shameless characters. Books can be written on the character of Mahira Khan. She also flatters Indian actresses for money…”

What was the ruckus about?

On Sunday, the Art Council of Pakistan organized a program named An Evening with Mahira Khan in Karachi, Pakistan. In this Mahira was interviewed by famous satirist Anwar Maqsood. Many issues were discussed with Mahira in the program. During this, she was asked that which party does she support?

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At first Mahira Khan kept silent on this, then on Anwar Maqsood’s insistence, she said, “Abhi ek film aayi hai.” As soon as he said this, everyone started laughing in the gathering. Then Mahira said, “I am on the side of Pathan.” Mahira pointed towards Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan and expressed her support for Imran Khan. Although many people are criticizing the MP. Actor Farhan Saeed said that this mentality is not allowing Pakistan to move forward.

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