How is the Apple Store different from the shops in your locality and surrounding, how will it be beneficial

First Apple Store In India: India’s first Apple Store has started in Mumbai. And the second store will be opened in Delhi. A lot of loud discussions are going on about this. At the same time, there are questions in the minds of some people that there are already shops of Apple products in India, then this Apple Store How did the first one happen and what are its benefits?

In fact, the Apple stores that were there till now were not the official stores of the company. Rather, these were authorized stores, which were allowed to sell only Apple products. If the matter is still not understood then know its benefits.

Earlier when an Apple device was launched, it did not reach India directly. It used to take some time to reach India. Now this will not happen. Now when the new iPhone 15 will be launched, it will also reach Apple stores in India.

Apple Store Mumbai Karan Pradhan News9live 2

Apple BKC (Credit: Karan Pradhan/News9live)

This exclusive service will be available in Apple Store

Come let’s know in detail how we Indians will benefit from the opening of the Apple Store.

  1. Every product of Apple will be available for purchase.
  2. Experts’ advice will also be available for shopping.
  3. There is no need to go abroad to buy Apple’s device. New products will come first.
  4. You will not have to wander here and there because all the products of Apple will be found under one roof.
  5. Through Apple Trade In, you can take advantage of the discount on buying a new Apple device instead of the old device.
  6. A specialist will be available for shopping at the Apple Store. Apart from this, shopping sessions can also be reserved.
  7. On booking online products, you can take delivery directly from Apple Store.
  8. Expert service and support will be available at Genius Bar.
  9. You can shop with Apple Store Gift Card.
  10. You will also get the benefit of Apple’s special offers.

Why hasn’t the Apple Store opened in India yet?

After knowing all the things, you must be saying that when there are so many benefits from opening the Apple Store, why didn’t Tim Cook do it earlier. So tell that this matter was stuck in the rules. In fact, if a foreign company wants to set up its store in India, then at least 30 percent of Apple products must be manufactured in India. And now some iPhone models are being made in India. The thing is clear – this is the opportunity, this is the custom.

Apple Store Mumbai Apple 4

Apple BKC (Credit: Apple)

What’s available in the Apple Store

You will also find all Apple accessories including iPhone, MacBook, Airpods, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and AirTag in the Apple Store. This store will have more than 100 team members, who will support you in more than 20 languages.

Means the locals are also going to get a lot of benefit. You will also get free WiFi in these stores and you can get information about any product of Apple as per your wish, take pictures of them and also learn to operate them.

Apple Store Mumbai Karan Pradhan News9live 1

Apple BKC (Credit: Karan Pradhan/News9live)

There will be special sessions every day

Creative sessions will be organized every day in the Apple Store. Here customers will be taught the skills of photography and videography. On April 20, there will be the first session in which the Mumbai Rising Series will run. Apart from this, a creative session will also be organized focusing on music and designing.

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