How does bird flu spread in humans, what happens when infected? Learn everything from experts

Bird Flu In Humans: If a human gets infected with bird flu then the risk of death is very high. This virus causes pneumonia, which can cause death.

Bird Flu In Humans: The first case of human transmission of bird flu has come in Chile. This virus has been found in a 53-year-old patient. The health department is on alert after the case comes. People who came in contact with the infected are being investigated. Bird flu virus can also happen to humans, but till date only such counting cases have come in the world. But it is a matter of concern that if bird flu happens to a person then it can become fatal. Let us first know how this virus spreads in humans.

To know the answer to this question, we asked Veterinary Dr. N. R Rawat have interacted with. Dr. Rawat is working at Rajasthan Veterinary Science University.

Dr. Rawat explains that bird flu is a type of influenza virus, which spreads among birds. This virus attacks the respiratory tract of birds, causing them respiratory problems. Due to this there is a danger of death of birds. Bird flu spreads from one bird to another through saliva and faeces. Its infection rate is very high. It spreads to many birds in no time. Usually chickens and ducks are more prone to this.

This is how bird flu spreads in humans

Dr. Rawat explains that bird flu can spread to humans as well. If a person comes in contact with an infected bird, then this virus spreads to humans as well. Those working in poultry farms are more at risk of getting infected with bird flu. Although there are very few cases of human transmission worldwide. It is a matter of relief that bird flu does not spread easily from one person to another. But if a person gets infected with bird flu then the risk of death is very high. This virus causes pneumonia, which can cause death. Two years ago in India, a case of death of a human due to bird flu came to the fore. After that no such case has come so far.

what are the symptoms

Dr. Rawat explains that when bird flu occurs in humans, it starts with normal flu symptoms. After this, headache, vomiting, muscle pain and breathing problems can also occur. All these symptoms are of bird flu. If a person has come in contact with an infected bird and is showing these symptoms, then treatment should be done. The treatment of such patients is done on the basis of symptoms and antiviral medicines are given.

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