Hindu students being targeted in London, beef thrown, pressure to change religion

Threats in UK: A think tank in UK has claimed that Hindu students are being harassed in schools. Beef has also been thrown at him here.

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London: A surprising news is coming out from Britain. according to information here Hindu students is being threatened for conversion. Beef is being thrown at them. In these few examples, a think-tank based in Britain has released on Wednesday. Let us tell you that in a study report of Henry Jackson Society, it has been found that Hindu students are being held responsible for the incidents happening in India.

Because of which they have to face hatred in front of other religions. 51% of the Hindu parents surveyed reported that their child had to face anti-Hindu hatred in school. It has also been claimed in the study that Hindu students are being held responsible for increasing religious discrimination.

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Violence was seen during the cricket match

Baroness Sandeep Verma said during the launch event of the report that this report has shed light on an important issue. They say that if our children are afraid to go to school, it is not acceptable – regardless of their faith. The report’s author, Charlotte Littlewood, said the schools were her focus when analyzing last year’s violence between Hindu and Muslim communities in Leicester in the wake of an India-Pakistan cricket match in Asia.

There is no holiday on Hindu festivals

Littlewood said, “What we found was that teachers were playing into the problem, including covering up reductive and in some places prejudicial views of Hinduism. At the same time, a parent told that our children are constantly being asked to convert. They are being told that Hinduism has no meaning.

According to the report, a wrong impression is being created about the worship of Hindu deities. He also said that other religions in Britain are given leave for celebrations. But often holidays are not given on Hindu festivals.

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