Here’s what former Isro chief has to say about Chandrayaan-3 Moon landing

Chandrayaan-3: Former Isro chairman G Madhavan Nair has crossed his fingers for the last “complex manoeuvre” that will propel India into a league of elite nations that have accomplished a lunar landings as the country anxiously awaits Chandrayaan-3’s historic moon landing.

With just two days remaining before the Vikram module’s August 23 soft landing, Nair warned that the manoeuvre would be “very complex” and that caution is advised because all systems must cooperate for the mission to be successful.

Start of significant chapter of ISRO

Nair, who oversaw the space agency at the time of the 2008 launch of the Chandrayaan-1 mission, stated to PTI that a lunar landing would signal the start of a significant chapter in Isro’s future planetary exploration endeavours.

A day after Isro successfully completed the second deboosting operation to move the lander module closer to the Moon, the previous chief of the space agency made these statements.

Speaking of the last maneouvre, Nair mentioned that, in the final two kilometres above the lunar surface, Isro and Chandrayaan-2 just missed it.

“… there are a host of things that have to work in unison … thrusters, sensors, altimeters, computer software and all those things. Any glitch happening anywhere … we can be in trouble,” Nair said.

Nonetheless, the former head of Isro voiced confidence in the module’s ability to land safely.

“We have to be really cautious and watch. Of course, I understand that Isro has done enough simulations and also redundancies have been built in so that chances of such failure are remote. Still, we have to keep our fingers crossed,” he added.

As to ISRO’s announcement, the lander module carrying the rover ‘Pragyan’ is anticipated to arrive on the lunar surface on Wednesday at around 6:04 night. Nair stated that it will be possible to identify some rare minerals with the help of the data we might gather from the (lunar) surface.

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