Got addicted to alcohol, had to leave home, now playing T20 World Cup Final saved his career

South Africa may have lost the T20 World Cup final to Australia but for its wicketkeeper Sinalo Jafta it is no less than a victory. Know how?

Delhi. Australia beat South Africa by 19 runs in the final of the Women’s T20 World Cup. With this victory of Australia, the dream of becoming the world champion of the South African team was shattered. The South African team had stepped into the final for the first time but could not stand in front of the strong Australian team. Australia has T20 World Cup Won and South Africa got tears of pain. By the way, in the midst of this defeat, there was also a South African player for whom it was no less than a victory. We are talking about wicketkeeper Sinalo Jafta whose story is amazing.

Even though the players of the South African team had silver medals hanging around their necks after losing the T20 World Cup final, but for Sinalo Jafta, this silver was no less than gold. Actually playing this tournament is nothing less than a victory for Sinalo Jafta because in October this player was admitted to the rehab center to get rid of alcohol addiction.

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Inspirational Story of Sinalo Jafta

South African wicketkeeper Sinalo Jafta left her home on October 7, 2022 and was admitted to the rehab center. Sinalo was addicted to drinking alcohol. At the age of just 27, this player’s career was on the verge of ending. Sinalo was deeply hurt by the comments being made against him on social media, to forget which he resorted to alcohol. Sinalo started drinking alcohol everyday. She was intoxicated with alcohol throughout the day. Due to poor performance in the Commonwealth Games, Sinalo had to face heavy criticism which she could not bear.

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Sinalo’s treatment lasted for 56 days

Sinalo Jafta sought medical leave from the South African team to return. The South African team supported Sinaloa. This player was treated for the whole 56 days. This player came back on December 8. Sinalo made a place in the T20 World Cup team and was instrumental in helping his team reach the finals. Sinalo got a chance to play only 19 balls in the entire tournament and he scored 30 runs.

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