GDA Urges Residents of Highrises to Close Windows Near Hindon Airport Ahead of G-20 Summit

Ghaziabad News: Near the Hindon Airport, the windows of multi-story homes will be covered. The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has warned the landlords as a result. At Hindon Airport, guests from abroad will arrive to attend the G-20 summit. The windows put foreign visitors’ safety in jeopardy. Colonies can be seen close to Hindon Airport. Near the airport, numerous multi-story homes have been constructed. These homes have windows that face the airport. Within the windows, nothing is visible. Some people have created air-filled skylights. The windows have glasses on them. Behind them is completely invisible.

Security Measures Amidst G-20 Arrival at Hindon Airport

In contrast to the roofs of houses, it is challenging to keep an eye on them. The security personnel will keep a careful eye on these homes as foreign visitors begin to arrive during the G-20 session. From September 6 to 11, people were warned not to climb onto their homes’ roofs. At a meeting of Hindon airport officials, the subject was brought up. On the GDA VC Rakesh Singh’s direction, notices have begun to be delivered to the homes near the airport. On Wednesday, notices were delivered to eight properties. On Thursday, notices will also be handed. By September 6, the GDA will take action against anyone who fail to close the windows in their homes.

Slum Proximity Raises Concerns Near Airport Ahead of G-20 Summit

Near the airport, there are a lot of slums. These slums are situated alongside the highway that leads to the airport. These slums provide a threat. In the past, there have been several reports to the police about marijuana sales occurring in these areas. The slums have not yet been cleared by the police. Slums have been constructed illegally on public property. The G-20 is now being monitored by the intelligence community. People in the colonies close to the airport are being watched as they walk about. The police have turned on the informer system as well. Police officers are under orders to locate the suspects and take appropriate measures after conducting an investigation. Several delicate areas are traversed along the road that leads to Hindon Airport.The police of these areas are preparing reports daily. Action will be taken against those found involved in suspicious activities.

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