Gay Tim Cook says – Being gay is God’s blessing, but why did he remain deprived of getting married?

world’s largest company Apple (Apple Inc) CEO of Tim Cook These days are in India. He is identified as a gay CEO. He has opened the country’s first Apple Store in Bandra, Mumbai. Tim Cook is such a famous personality whose personal life is of great interest to people. His fan following is tremendous all over the world. A grand ceremony was also witnessed in Mumbai on this occasion.

In fact, the debate about gay marriage is going on in India these days. In such a situation, it becomes very interesting to know a lot about this famous American man of 62 years. What does Tim Cook think about homosexuals and why didn’t he get married?

I’m proud to be gay – Tim

Tim Cook, famous for his fitness, says that he ‘gay’ Proud to be. In the year 2014, he publicly revealed that he is ‘gay’. Tim wrote in one of his articles – “My identity may help you guys to understand me that I am gay.” During this he also said that “I’m proud to be gay”.

Whereas in the year 2018 CNN He said in a conversation with “Being gay is God’s greatest gift to me. I do not want people to make different stories about me tomorrow.

This confession of Tim was to spread the message of equality in the society. He wanted people to take inspiration from him and not hide his identity. In fact, it is understood that Cook has always been very passionate about human rights issues. He has also donated millions of dollars in support of human rights.

Is Gay Tim not married?

Even after revealing himself to be ‘gay’, Tim Cook has always given special importance to privacy. Being ‘gay’, people have been wanting to know something special about his personal life. In such a situation, a question is always asked about him, why didn’t Tim get married?

The same question is repeated to him on many occasions. So every time he has said in clear words that “I do not want to talk about this issue. I cannot talk much about my marriage.

With this answer of Tim Cook regarding the question related to his marriage, people speculated that either he did not marry or wanted to keep his marriage a secret, because he is a person who gives special importance to privacy.

Who is Tim Cook’s partner?

In June of 2014 when Tim Cook visited San Francisco pride parade participated in, there with them benjamin A person named was seen who was an employee of Apple itself. Then the pictures became headlines. The question was raised that who is he with Tim Cook? Rumors spread like wild fire.

But Cook did not respond to these rumours. He only said – “One’s privacy should be respected.” However, these rumors came to an end when Benjamin revealed his partner Chris Caudron to the world in 2018.

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who is tim cook

Timothy Donald Cook was born in Alabama, USA. He was associated with IBM from 1982 to 1994 after earning a master’s degree in business administration at Duke University in Durham. From 1994 to 1997, he was Chief Operating Officer at Intelligent Electronics and in 1997 became Corporate Vice President at Compaq Computer Corporation. In the year 1998, Tim contributed to Apple.

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