From heart break to looting money insurance is done, this is how you get benefit

From breaking of heart to looting of money, insurance is available, this is how you get benefit

You must have heard about many insurance policies till date. Recently, we also told you about heartbreak insurance, how can you get your breakup or heartbreak insurance if a girl or boy cheats on you in love. But have you ever heard that you can insure your body parts or your beauty as well. At the same time, you can also claim it when the time comes.

Yes, there are many such companies in the world who provide you such strange insurance. If you also do not know about them, then today we will tell you about such strange insurance. Along with this, we will also tell you how you can take advantage of them.

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heart break insurance

Nowadays people are losing faith in love. That’s why people are already making arrangements for their security as soon as they enter into a relationship. If someone cheats them and they can’t even bear its blow, people are insuring themselves against heartbreak even before that. Let me tell you, there are really many companies that give you heartbreak insurance. Companies like Saffron and Pioneer give you heartbreak insurance Mona i.e. Move on Na. You can claim it after getting cheated.

body parts insurance

Over time some parts of our body stop working properly. In such a situation, people also insure their body parts. When the time comes, they get the claim done and get it fixed. There are many Bollywood stars in India who have insured their body parts. These include the names of Sania Mirza to Rajinikanth.

bank robbery or drowning insurance

You must know that if your bank in which you have kept your hard-earned money sinks, then the government gives you the amount of its insurance. You get insurance up to 5 lakhs in case of bank collapse.

Apart from this, companies provide you many insurance including health, car, life, accident. With the help of which you can save or recover your life and things related to it.

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