Freedom from work from home ends, central government employees will have to go to office

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has given information in the Lok Sabha regarding Work From Home. He said that all the employees are required to physically come to the office.

central government rule on work form home

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Work From Home Rules: In the COVID-19 period, most of the people working online were greatly relieved by the facility of work from home. but now work from home has been stopped completely. According to media reports, Union Minister Jitendra Singh told in the Lok Sabha that all government employees will be urged to physically come to office and not work from home. Also said that now the rule of work from home will not be allowed to be implemented in general.

The Union Minister gave the information while answering a question of BJP MP Ranjanben Dhananjay Bhatt and MP Srinivas Dadasaheb Patil in the Lok Sabha. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has said that permission to work from home is not possible for central government employees. Employees are required to come to the office.

The decision was taken for social distancing

In the Lok Sabha, the Union Minister said that work from home was a possibility in the post-Covid years, clarifying that it cannot become the new normal. Given the nature of work and its functional requirements, it is not possible to work online for most of the roles in Govt.

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The government had allowed work from home to middle/junior employees during the COVID-19 pandemic to implement social distancing in the office. As pandemic restrictions have been eased, employees need to be physically present in the office.

return to office rules issued

Since the start of the Corona epidemic, the rule of Work From Home was implemented in almost all sectors. Now the formula of return to office is being implemented. According to media reports, till now the government has not made any change in the labor law regarding work from home. Private companies also implemented this system during the Corona epidemic.

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