First spilled oil, then collided, what happened in the sky with ‘American spy’?

This is not the first time that Russian and American planes have come face to face in the Black Sea. Even before this, Russia has made such a claim many times that America’s ‘spy drones’ fly very close to its border.

First spilled oil, then hit, what happened in the sky with ‘American spy’

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in the black sea Russian jet and American ‘spy’MQ-9 Reaper drone collision After that the tension between the two countries has increased. After this incident, America has expressed strong protest by issuing summons to Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov. In addition, the American Russian Foreign Ministry Expressed strong objection to the incident by sending a message to

The US Defense Department has said in a statement that their Reaper drone was flying over the Black Sea on Tuesday. Meanwhile, two Russian Su-27s deliberately moved forward and started repeatedly pouring fuel on the propeller of the drone. After this, a Russian aircraft collided with the propeller of the drone, due to which the US military had to bring down the MQ-9 in international waters.

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General James Hecker, commander of the US Air Force Europe and Africa, said that the action taken by the Russian jet was behind the crashes of the planes. At the same time, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder has said that the collision also damaged the Russian jet, however, the Sukhoi-27 has been able to land but it is not known where it landed.

Big updates about the incident so far

  • The Pentagon has said that their drone was well aware of Ukrainian territory. An American defense official has said on the condition of anonymity that the drone was carrying out its work west of Crimea over the Black Sea.
  • Meanwhile, two Russian aircraft reach close to him and start pouring fuel on the propeller of the drone. After this, an aircraft hits the drone so that it can damage it.
  • On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry has said that the US drone was flying near the Russian border. The drone was flying in an area that the Russian army had already declared off-limits. After this, the Russian army sent its fighter aircraft to stop the drone.
  • Russia claimed that during maneuvering in the Black Sea, the US drone became uncontrolled and then collided with the surface of the water. Russia has declared wide areas near Crimea off-air.
  • Even before annexing Crimea and invading Ukraine, Russia has been accusing the US of flouting regulations by flying its surveillance planes too close to its borders.

The specialty of America’s MQ-9 Reaper drone

  • The US military uses the MQ-9 Reaper drone for both surveillance and attack. America has been operating these drones for a long time in the Black Sea to keep an eye on the Russian forces. These drones are equipped with advanced systems, cameras and weapons. These drones are capable of flying in the sky for much longer than an aircraft.
  • Reaper drone is not an ordinary drone. They can be equipped with air-to-ground Hellfire missiles as well as laser-guided bombs. These drones are capable of flying at an altitude of up to 15,000 meters from the ground and can fly more than 1700 kilometers at a time.

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