FIR on Karauli Baba who claims to cure disease by taking 5100, know the whole story

Karauli Sarkar Baba: An FIR has been lodged against Baba Santosh Singh Bhadauria of Karauli Sarkar Ashram in Kanpur. Noida’s doctor has alleged that Baba Santosh Singh and his companions beat up the family in the ashram.

An FIR has been lodged against Baba Santosh Singh Bhadauria of Karauli Sarkar Ashram.

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Those who claim to cure the biggest disease in a day Kanpur Of Karauli Sarkar Ashram Of Baba Santosh Singh Bhadauria But FIR has been lodged. Dr. Siddharth of Noida has alleged that Baba Santosh Singh and his companions had assaulted the family in the ashram. When he raised questions on Baba’s miracles, the supporters beat him up and made him run away from the ashram. The incident is of February 22, but the report has now been registered.

However, Baba rejected all the allegations and called it baseless and said that an attempt is being made to defame Sanatan Dharma. Know, who is Santosh Singh Bhadauria, popularly known as Karauli Baba.

Who is Baba of Karauli Sarkar Ashram, read 5 big things

  1. Learned therapy from Kerala and started treatment:Baba Santosh Singh Bhadauria of Karauli Sarkar Ashram is a resident of Kanpur. Santosh Singh Bhadauria joined the Shiv Sena party in 2003, but later became a member of the Kisan Union. After being associated with the Farmers Union till 2010, he turned to Kerala to learn various types of therapies.
  2. Claims of cure and opened ashram in 14 acres: After learning therapy from Kerala, he opened a clinic as a doctor at his home in Civil Lines, Kanpur. In the clinic, through Ayurvedic paste, started claiming the treatment of diseases related to anxiety, cervical and backpain. In 2012, he opened an ashram in Karauli in the name of his sons Luv-Kush and developed the ashram spread over 14 acres like a small town.
    Santosh Singh Bhadauria
  3. Several criminal cases registered:The number of followers started increasing in the ashram. Within the last 10 years, the number of people coming daily increased to 5 thousand. On the day of Amavasya, the number of followers increases 4 times and Baba gives discourses sitting in a glass cabin among about 20 thousand people. Many criminal cases are registered against Baba. Between the years 1992-95, there have been allegations of murder and church land grab. Apart from this, there is also an allegation of manipulation of government records to build an ashram by occupying the land. In this case, NSA action was also taken on the orders of the then District Magistrate Dinesh Singh.
  4. Claims to have supporters in 17 countries: Baba’s supporters living in the ashram claim that he has devotees in 17 countries of the world, who offer lakhs of rupees. According to media reports, Baba and his sons look after the amount coming from donations. Havan goes on for 24 hours in the ashram and here it is claimed to cure the biggest diseases of the people. This is the reason that every day a huge crowd gathers for Baba.
  5. 5100 rupees token to meet Baba: The crowd of those seeking treatment for the disease and meeting Baba starts from 8 in the morning. He has to take a token of Rs 5100 for meeting. Mike is installed in the ashram. People come one by one and tell their problems. Two temples have been built in the ashram, the first temple is of Karauli Sarkar Radha Raman Mishra and the second temple is of Kamakhya Mata. Now the people here know him by the name of Karauli Baba.

Santosh Singh Bhadauria

what is the whole matter

The whole incident happened with Dr. Siddharth, a resident of Noida Sector-48, and his family members. Dr. Siddharth says that after seeing and hearing a lot about Karauli village on social media, I reached the ashram on 22 February with my father, mother and wife.

A receipt of Rs 2600 was deducted for taking entry in the ashram. Baba blew on me and said “Om Shiv Balance.” It had no effect on me, so I raised the question. Baba got angry on this and said run away from here. After this, the entire family was taken away from the supporters. Tied with an iron rod, thrashed and sent out of the ashram.

He said, after the incident, he complained to the Vidhanu police station and made rounds of the DCP, but even the FIR was not registered. It took a month to register the FIR.

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