Fielders broke trust, MS Dhoni took the lead, ignoring his partner and run out himself

Chennai: MS Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings often looks fine on every front. From the first season of IPL till now, Chennai has shown its mettle in almost every season and hence has won the title four times. This season, however, their players have failed on some fronts and an example of this was found against Rajasthan Royals, where many catches fell. The situation became such that on the last ball, instead of trusting his player, Dhoni himself took the responsibility of taking the wicket.

Now whatever MS Dhoni does during a cricket match, it becomes a topic of discussion. In such a situation, how can his 200th match as the captain of Chennai Super Kings be different. Dhoni did something similar on the very last ball of the innings against Rajasthan Royals, which became a topic of discussion.

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Dhoni’s amazing on the last ball

In the last over of Rajasthan’s innings, Tushar Deshpande’s last ball was scooped by Adam Zampa but the fine leg fielder got an easy catch. It was expected that Mahish Teekshana would take this catch but somehow he dropped the catch. Rajasthan’s batsmen ran for two runs but Zampa was run out in an attempt to run the second run. He was run out by Dhoni.

After dropping the catch, Teekshana threw the ball towards Dhoni. Dhoni was away from the wicket, but Deshpande had reached there. Deshpande asked Dhoni for the ball, but instead of trusting him, Dhoni himself took the wicket by hitting the ball on the stumps.

Chennai fielders amazing

This was not the only reason for Dhoni’s loss of confidence. In fact, even before this catch, the fielders of Chennai had disappointed Dhoni. Experienced all-rounder Moeen Ali alone missed three easy chances. He missed the catch in the slip twice and then also missed an easy chance to run out with a bad throw. If Moin would have grabbed those opportunities, Rajasthan’s team might not have been able to reach even 175 runs.

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