Female policeman sent her to jail after implicating her ex on false charges, this is how mother turned detective revealed the secret

United Kingdom: A female policeman named Amanda Ashton, bent on ruining her ex-boyfriend, resorted to lies at every step. Due to her false conspiracy, her ex-boyfriend lost his job. The person trapped in the false allegation of Ferbi woman had to serve the jail term for about two months. While he was innocent. To save her innocent son, the mother became a detective.

The evidence presented by the mother against the fraudulent female policeman in the court, now on the basis of the same evidence, the court has sent the female policeman to jail. The name of the woman who implicated her ex in false allegations is Amanda Ashton. At the same time, the name of the person who was sentenced to jail in his affair is Matthew Taylor.

Mathew served two months in jail

The court upheld the arguments raised by the mother in favor of the son. Therefore, the accused woman Amanda Ashton will now remain in jail. According to the story, the female policeman had accused her ex-boyfriend Matthew Taylor that he used to strangle her while having a physical relationship. So that she (fake female policeman) is badly scared and remains in possession of Matthew Taylor forever.

On the basis of the allegations made by the female policeman, the police arrested her ex-boyfriend and produced him in the court. The court jailed him for two months even after he was found innocent.

Both came in contact in 2016

The trial took place at Metstone Crown Court. It was told in the court that this couple had met in the year 2016. Both the people were in the security service. Matthew was already married. Later, when he got trapped in the trap of a female policeman named Aston. Leaving his wife, he started living with her, a few days after the two married in 2017, Aston accused Matthew of harassing her. This complaint was given to the police. After this the police released Mathew on conditional bail.

Suspended from job due to allegations

Even after all this, the female policeman Aston kept doing acts of wooing her ex-boyfriend Mathew. boyfriend Matthew while never wanting to meet her. Police again arrested Mathew, who was caught in the trap of a female policeman. Because he was accused of violating the rules of bail. Even after being innocent, Mathew had to spend two months in jail. He used to come out of the jail cell only for an hour. Due to this, he was also dismissed from the job of Sergeant.

Mathew’s mother turns detective to save her son

Devastated after falling into the trap laid by a fake female policeman, Mathew’s mother decided to prove her son innocent. He took all the social media passwords of the son. And she herself became a detective. So that he can gather proof of his son’s innocence. The mother, who became a detective for the sake of her son, collected 700 pages of evidence against the fraudulent female policeman. The mother proved how the female police officer herself often instigated her son (to her ex-boyfriend Mathew) to have sex with her.

The evidence collected by the mother was examined by the police. For this, there were more than 23000 conversations collected by the mother, which took place with Mathew and his female police friend. It is not that the female policeman has destroyed only the ex-boyfriend on the basis of lies. He also threw dust in the eyes of the police. And presented a claim for 5 thousand pounds to be received from the Police Welfare Fund.

While she was not legally entitled to get it. To get rid of the son from hellish life, the mother who became a detective finally presented the evidence which proved Matthew Taylor to be innocent.

The court released the boyfriend

The result was that the court declared the accused and mastermind female police constable as a convicted criminal. The evidence gathered by the mother proved that the fraud lady policeman destroyed her son by framing her on false charges just because her son had distanced himself from the lady policeman. The court jailed the innocent boyfriend as soon as the woman was proved to be a liar. released from

According to the report of The Sun, Mathew Taylor, the mastermind in this case and who was devastated after being trapped in the affair of a policewoman who was madly in one-sided love, was a Sergeant in Surrey Police. Due to this fake scandal, he had to be dismissed from his job as well. Fraudulent female policeman has been found guilty of lying and ruining the life of an innocent person on the basis of lies.

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