February 2023 experiences warmest conditions since 1877, IMD links it to global warming

Weather Update: India is a country where people are concerned about the weather in everything they do. People here keep an eye on weather in every season and month. The winter has gone, now it’s time for summers, and we all know that it starts from February. It is surprising to note that India recorded the warmest February in 2023 since 1877 with average maximum temperature of approx. 29.54 Celsius. The weather department confirmed this information on Tuesday, and they have, no wonder, linked it to global warming.

Indian Meteorological Department predicts

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), most parts of India are expected to witness higher than usual temperatures, with some relief for the southern peninsula and parts of Maharashtra. While addressing a virtual press conference, S C Bhan, Head of the Hydromet and Agromet Advisory Services of IMD, stated that the probability of heatwaves in March is low. However, extreme weather conditions are likely to occur in April and May.

Bhan linked the increasing trend in the monthly average maximum temperature for February, the highest since 1877, to global warming. When asked if the high temperatures were an indication of climate change, Bhan said that the whole world is experiencing global warming, and we are living in a warmer world.

IMD’s Rain Forecast

Bhan said that the rainfall average over India is most likely to be normal in March, with below-normal rainfall expected over most areas of northwest India, west-central India, and some parts of east and northeast India. On the other hand, normal to above-normal rainfall is expected over most parts of peninsular India, east-central India, and some isolated pockets of northeast India. Bhan added that La Nina conditions are currently prevailing over the equatorial Pacific region, which is expected to weaken and turn to El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) neutral conditions during the pre-monsoon season.

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