Fake Army Officer Fraud! 10 Cybercriminals Arrested in Multi-Agency Operation

Rajasthan: According to official sources, security agents have detained 10 alleged cybercriminals while busting a group of operatives who deceived more than 60 people by pretending to be Army officers. According to them, the Military Intelligence (MI) section of the Southern Army Command, situated in Pune, shared the initial inputs that led to the multi-agency operation.

Raids were then conducted in the Kaithal districts of Haryana’s Nuh and Deeg

Sanjeev Kumar, 30, a “notorious” cybercriminal and accused case kingpin, was first detained by the police in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, and then interrogated by teams from the Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan Police as well as the MI. Raids were then conducted in the Kaithal districts of Haryana’s Nuh and Deeg, where nine persons were allegedly caught for defrauding unsuspecting residents while acting as Army troops. An official claimed that ‘the alleged criminal group found its victims on websites for online housing rentals and other sites. After winning their trust, the group used identification documents that had been altered to look like they belonged to a serving Army soldier named Deepak Bajrang Pawar.’ He claimed that ‘after mentioning some technical difficulties and asking the victims to share OTPs or scan QR codes, the victims’ accounts had money reversed from them.’

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cybercriminals used various SIM cards

Investigators discovered the cybercriminals used various SIM cards, mobile phones, and bank accounts, and they were based at the intersection of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, and Rajasthan. During this operation, the police agencies seized a number of “fabricated” military ID cards, defence canteen cards, PAN numbers, Aadhaar cards, more than 30 mobile phones, 206 SIM cards, and seven laptops. In Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, and other states, police cases were filed against the gang and the kingpin. The officer stated, “According to the cybercrime complaint portal, he (Sanjeev Kumar) has deceived more than 60 innocent individuals.”

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