Exclusive: I get angry at actors who don’t respect TV

Jay Bhanushali Slams Tv Haters: Actor from TV serial Qayamat Jai Bhanushali came in the limelight. Jai, who won our hearts with the character of Neev on TV, also showed his acting prowess in films. His hosting is liked not only by the audience but also by many Bollywood actors. Jai Bhanushali after almost 15 years Sony TV key serial we live or not we live Returning to the serial world with.

In an exclusive conversation with ., Jay Bhanushali targeted the actors who let down the TV. Jai said that even when I was doing films, I had not left television. For me, the biggest turn off about actors is that some people look down on television, but today we all are eating its bread.

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name from tv

Jai further said that “You would not have even known that I am Jai Bhanushali, if I did not get that role in the TV serial, which everyone loved. I only believe in the fact that today you do such a good job that on the basis of which you can get more good work tomorrow.

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Always have respect for TV

Jai further said, “Many people are also doing films while working in television shows. I also never thought in my life that if I am doing films then I will not do television. While acting in films, many people advised me to leave television. But my clear answer used to be that, sorry I will not be able to do this. I respect television a lot.

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There is often an attempt to show the small screen down

Jai says that “Today the status of my house, my car and my family is because of television. That’s why I get very angry with those actors. Those who degrade television. In the end, work is work. To just anyone the same thing is crap. So this temple is for someone. In such a situation, stop humiliating the small screen for the sake of those for whom television is a temple.

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