Entry of another adult star in Donald Trump case, know who is Playboy model Karen McDougal

adult star stormy daniels In the case, the court former US President Donald Trump Has imposed a fine of 1.22 lakh dollars. This amount will be given to Stormy Daniels. Now another name has come to the fore in this matter. During arguments in the courtroom, the prosecutor accused Trump of paying another woman and her name was Karen McDougall,

McDougall has been a model for America’s famous magazine Playboy. Like Daniels, she has also claimed that she had a physical relationship with the former US President. Their affair lasted for 10 months. However, Donald Trump dismissed McDougall’s allegations, saying that this has never happened.

Started modeling for swimwear

Born in Indiana, USA, McDougall has been modeling since the age of 20. His family lives in Michigan. Started participating in swimwear competitions from an early age. She became popular with modeling pictures and started working for Playboy. While working here, he won the ‘Playmate of the Year’ award in 1998.

Pamela became the most popular model after Anderson

McDougall was the most popular model in the 90s. McDougall finished second behind Pamela Anderson and was voted Playmate of the 90s. Since then she started working as a fitness model. In 1999, McDougall became the first female model to appear on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine. McDougall appeared in small roles in films, her most focused on modeling.

Photos of the model are going viral on social media

5 visits in a month

According to a BBC report, McDougall’s first meeting with former US President Donald Trump took place in 2006 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. During that time she was shooting an episode of The Apprentice. The model claims that I was married, yet Donald Trump started liking me. Started trying to talk to me. We met five times in a month.

In an interview to CNN, the model claimed that the love between Trump and her was consensual and that Trump did not force her.

That deal of 2016 further suppressed the news against Trump

During the presidential election in 2016, McDougall signed a deal worth Rs 1.25 crore with the American newspaper National Enquirer. The settlement prohibited her from speaking publicly about the alleged affair. This was the reason that the article related to this was never published and he was tricked to keep quiet about this relationship.After this deal, that newspaper started suppressing negative stories about Trump.

In her official website, McDougan describes herself as a model, columnist, advocate and spokes model. She herself makes women aware about the diseases caused by breast implants. McDougall had her breast implants removed in 2017 itself.

Not only this, in 2018, he apologized to Trump’s wife Melania for his affair. He had said, whenever I look at my past life, I find myself wrong.

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