Electric version of Punch shown for the first time, will get these new and special features

Tata punchImage Credit source: Tata Motors

Tata Motors, the largest company in the Indian electric car segment, is going to do wonders again. The electric version of the popular micro SUV Punch is in full swing. According to the reports, the upcoming Electric Car Glimpses of have been seen for the first time. Yes, Tata Punch EV has been seen in public for the first time during road testing. Although, most of it was covered, but some details are definitely guessed. Let us see the possible features of Punch EV.

A slight change can be made in the design of the upcoming electric version of Tata Punch. The auto company can make more use of blue accent in Punch EV. Apart from this, aero wheels can also be found like Tigor EV and Tiago EV. This thing tells that the car is electric.

Tata Punch EV: Disc brake at the rear

The charging port has replaced the fuel tank lid in the Tata Punch EV. Apart from this, some changes have been seen in comparison to the current model. The Punch EV seen on test also gets a rear disc brake, while the petrol Punch gets drum brakes.

Tata Punch Ev Spot Test Instagram Photulogy

Tata Punch EV spotted testing. (Credit: instagram/photology)

Talking about the interiors, the cabin gets a glimpse of the rotary dial and an electronic parking brake. The company can also provide features like auto hold, wireless charging.

Tata Punch EV: Expected Features

The dashboard remains unchanged and continues to feature the Harman 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. However, this system has become a bit old, so it is expected that the latest and bigger system will be available.

Tata Punch EV is likely to get features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control, flat-bottom steering wheel and premium upholstery.

Tata Punch EV: Expected range

The details of the battery pack and motor of Punch EV have not been revealed. According to media reports, the battery pack of Tiago EV’s power can be used in it. If this happens then a 24 kWh battery pack can be found in it. Once fully charged, this model will cover a distance of about 300 km.

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