Eid ul Fitr big gift to the employed people in Saudi Arabia, 4 days holiday announced

Apart from the weekend off on Friday-Saturday in Saudi Arabia, people will enjoy extra holiday for two days. This year, Eid can be celebrated in Saudi on 22 April.

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muslim community Very little time is left in the biggest festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid is celebrated after fasting for 29-30 days during Ramzan. Meanwhile, the working people of Saudi Arabia have got a big gift on the occasion of Eid. The government of Saudi Arabia has announced a four-day long holiday on the occasion of Eid.

This announcement was made on Monday by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. According to the information given by the ministry, these holidays will be for both non-profit and private sectors. These holidays will start after finishing work on 20 April.

Apart from weekend off, two days extra leave

After this announcement, now the employees will be able to enjoy two more days apart from the weekend off on Friday and Saturday. People are happy with this decision of the government. After a long break of four days, work will start again from April 25. However, work will start in some offices from April 27.

When will Eid be celebrated?

This year Eid can be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on 22 April. In fact, this year Ramadan started in Saudi from 23rd March. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated about a month after this. Let us tell you, the date of Eid is decided according to the sighting of the moon. First of all, the sighting of the Eid moon is announced in Saudi Arabia itself. Only after this the people of the Muslim community celebrate Eid.

Talking about India, Eid can be celebrated here too on 22nd April. The first Rosa in India was kept on 24th March. In such a situation, if the moon is sighted in India on April 21, then Eid will be celebrated on April 22. Eid is celebrated after fasting for 29-30 days in Ramzan. In such a situation, if Eid is celebrated in India on 22 April, then there will be 29 fasts.

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