Due to these daily habits, you become a victim of liver disease, do not make these mistakes even by mistake

World Liver day 2023: Liver There is such a part of our body without which a human being cannot survive, but since last few years this organ is becoming a home of diseases. The reason for this is our bad food habits. From elders to small children are becoming victims of liver disease. Use of flour in food and lack of exercise is considered a major reason for the spread of this disease.

There are many other habits of daily life that make you vulnerable to liver disease.

alcohol abuse

If you are drinking alcohol daily and its quantity is very high then it can cause liver damage. Alcohol directly affects the function of the liver. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage liver cells and cause inflammation and scarring of the liver.


People who have high BMI also have the risk of liver disease. Doctors say that excess fat in the body also makes the liver fatty. Which can give rise to problems like NAFLD. Due to obesity, the liver becomes fatty, which can later lead to liver cirrhosis.

viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is an infection that can cause inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis A, B and C are the most common types of viral hepatitis, Hepatitis B and C can cause chronic infection, which can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis and liver cancer.


Some medicines and supplements can cause liver damage if taken in high doses or over a long period of time. Acetaminophen, commonly used as a pain reliever, can damage the liver if taken in high doses.

genetic factors

Some liver diseases, such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease, are caused by genetic factors. Hemochromatosis leads to liver damage, while Wilson’s leads to a variety of liver diseases.

auto immune disease

In some cases, the liver also gets damaged due to auto immune disease. Because of this, there is a fear of getting liver cirrhosis disease. Auto Immune Disease is detected even in childhood.

How to prevent liver disease

Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B

Be cautious if you have a family history of liver disease

don’t drink alcohol

Consult a doctor in case of digestive problems

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