Do not do this work while traveling in the train at night otherwise you will get thick lime

Indian Railway Night Rules: If someone talks loudly, makes noise or sings after 10 o’clock in the night, then according to the new rule, all this can cost him dearly. At the same time, strict action will be taken against the passenger for violating the rules.

Do not do this work while traveling in the train at night otherwise you will get thick lime

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Indian Railway Night Rules: Lakhs of people travel by train daily. Therefore, in order to further improve the convenience of rail passengers, Indian Railways (Indian Railways) Keeps bringing different updates from time to time. Recently Indian Railways night travel Some rules have been announced for If anyone is found violating these rules, strict action will be taken against him. So if you also often travel by train at night, then you must know about these rules of Indian Railways.

According to the new guideline of Indian Railways, if a passenger is found making noise, playing music, talking loudly in a moving train after 10 pm, action will be taken against him. On the other hand, Railways has asked TTE, on boarding staff, catering staff and other employees to cooperate in this. Let us know what rules have been set by the Indian Railways for those traveling at night.

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These are the rules for traveling at night

  • No one can talk loudly on mobile at night.
  • It is forbidden to listen to songs in loud voice.
  • Leaving the train light, no other light is allowed to be lit after 10 pm.
  • TTE cannot check tickets after 10 pm.
  • Passengers traveling in groups cannot talk after 10 pm.
  • Online food delivery is prohibited after 10 pm.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol is prohibited in the train.
  • Lighters, matches or any inflammable material are not allowed

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This rule is for middle berth

On the other hand, after 10 o’clock, if a passenger is sitting on the lower berth, then you can open the middle berth by removing it. For this, there is a rule to open middle berths from 10 am to 6 am. No one can bother you for this.

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