Do MBBS from abroad, this country is giving scholarship, know what are the rules of admission

NEET UG: China has long been a popular destination for Indian medical students to study MBBS. since the covid pandemic China The number of students going to study has decreased. But still it has been the favorite country of students for medical studies. In 2022, 6,436 Indian students went to China for studies. However, the Ministry of External Affairs does not have the data of which course these students applied for. But the data of NBE gives information about medical students who went to China.

NBE said that in 2021, 13,427 Indian students took part in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). Out of this, 2,580 students passed the screening test. Scholarships are also given to students pursuing MBBS courses in China. Because of this also it is very popular among the students. In such a situation, let us know what is the eligibility criteria for admission in medical courses in China, where to apply for scholarship and how is the admission process.

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What is Eligibility Criteria?

For admission in medical courses in China, there should be 50% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th. Here admission is also available on the basis of NEET score. There should be at least 50 percentile in this exam. At the time of admission, the student will have to show a certificate that he is not suffering from any infectious disease. Must be at least 17 years of age for admission. Official website for all information related to medical studies in China Can also check.

How is the medical course structure?

MBBS degree in China usually takes five years. It also includes one year internship. It is necessary for all students to do internship to get the degree.

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How is the admission process?

To take admission in MBBS in Chinese University, one has to first select an institute. Then the application form of that university has to be filled. NEET score is necessary for admission, but IELTS is not required. However, it is still necessary for students to learn English. Once the conditional offer letter is received from the university, the students can apply for study visa for China.

Scholarship is also an option

The Chinese government also offers various scholarships to international students. Students for information on scholarship Or You can check the website. For information about any university, students can also contact the Chinese Embassy in their country. Scholarship applications for admission to Chinese universities open in January and April. Scholarship can be applied with all the necessary documents.

How much is tuition fee?

One year fee for full-time course of MBBS degree is 30,000- 50,000 yuan i.e. 3,50,000 to 6,00,000 rupees. Apart from tuition fees, the cost of living and eating is 6,000 yuan i.e. about 71 thousand rupees.

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