‘Disturbed and Confused,’ Anju’s Father Labels Her ‘Mentally Disturbed’ for Pakistan Visit

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Madhya Pradesh News: A married Indian woman who has lawfully journeyed to a distant village in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to meet her Facebook buddy has been branded as “mentally disturbed and eccentric” by her father, who also claimed she is not having an affair. Anju (34), the woman, was raised in the Alwar area of Rajasthan but was born in the Uttar Pradesh village of Kailor. On Facebook, she made friends with 29-year-old Nasrulla, a Pakistani citizen, in 2019. With a legitimate Pakistani visa, Anju has flown to the Upper Dir district of the tribal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to meet Nasrulla.

Gaya Prasad Thomas Speaks Up after 20 Years of No Contact

“I came to know about it (Anju’s presence in Pakistan) just yesterday. My son informed me that his ‘didi’ (sister) has gone there (Pakistan). But, I don’t know about it. I have no contact with her for last nearly 20 years after she got married and moved to Bhiwadi (in Alwar district of Rajasthan). “I am currently staying here (a MP village) as my house remains vacant. I keep coming here (from Faridabad in Haryana where he is settled) from time to time,” Anju’s father Gaya Prasad Thomas told reporters in Bouna village near Tekanpur town in Gwalior district. “She has not visited Tekanpur as I never invited her. She is mentally disturbed,” he claimed. Thomas claimed that Anju had lived with her maternal uncle in the Uttar Pradesh district of Jalaun since she was three years old and had been hitched while residing there.

Anju’s Unnotified Pakistan Trip Sparks Controversy and Media Attention

“It is wrong on her part to go to Pakistan without informing anyone. She has two children and they are with their father. I have no contact with her. I have no idea when she went to Pakistan,” Thomas said. “My son-in-law is a very simple person. She is eccentric but my daughter will not have any affair with her friend. She is of free nature, but she will never get into all this. I can guarantee this,” he said. He stated that Anju had completed her education up to the 12th grade and was working for a corporation, adding, “I left her because of her eccentric nature.” A local police official claimed that media stories were how they learned of Anju’s presence in Pakistan. “We learned about this issue via the media. According to reports, she entered Pakistan on a legitimate visa and departed the region years ago, according to Vivek Kumar Sharma, a sub-divisional officer of police (SDOP) in Dabra.

Anju to Depart for India After Visa Expires on August 20

When her visa expires on August 20, the woman will return to India, according to a statement made earlier on Monday by her Pakistani companion Nasrulla, who denied any romantic involvement between them. Nasrulla declared he has no intention of wedlocking Anju. We don’t have any plans to be married, and Anju is visiting Pakistan,” Nasrulla told PTI in Pakistan over the phone from the Upper Dir district village of Kulsho, about 300 kilometres from Peshawar. “She will go back to her country on August 20 after her visa expires. Anju is living in a separate room of his home with the other female members of my family,” he said. Anju will be given a 30-day visa, good just for Upper Dir, the chancery was informed in an official letter from the Ministry of Interior submitted to Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi. Nasrulla, one of five brothers and a graduate in science, is the youngest. Anju will travel to India on August 20, and he has provided an affidavit to the local authorities declaring that their friendship has no romantic overtones. She also declares in the document that she won’t leave the Upper Dir neighbourhood. According to her visa documentation, she will undoubtedly return on August 20, according to Upper Dir District Police Officer (DPO) Mushtaq Khan.

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