Dictator Kim is preparing for nuclear test, claims in US report

Kim Jong Un Nuclear Test: An American report has claimed that North Korea is once again preparing for a nuclear test. America says that this is the only thing that is the reason for Kim’s dictatorship.

North Korea Nuclear Test: Dictator Kim is preparing for nuclear test, claims in US report

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North Korea Nuclear Program: North Korea can once again execute the nuclear test. Expressing concern, America claimed that Kim Jong Un is preparing for another nuclear test. America has said that dictator Kim’s rule rests on nuclear weapons and he can carry out another test. In the Annual Threat Assessment Report of 2023, it has been said that from the point of view of normalizing missile testing, Kim can do nuclear firing continuously.

North Korea has done 6 nuclear tests since 2006, where Kim last tested nuclear in 2017. A report by the Director of National Intelligence Office in the US states that North Korea may be preparing for nuclear weapon testing while furthering its declared military modernization target. The US said that Kim certainly sees nuclear weapons and ICBMs as the ultimate guarantor of his autocratic regime and wants to continue to advance it.

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Raises funds for nuclear program from crypto theft

The report states that North Korea partially funds its nuclear program with proceeds from criminal activities, including cryptocurrency theft. The report claimed that in 2022, North Korea had robbed a Singapore-based blockchain technology firm from where it made off with $635 million.

Fired more than 60 ballistic missiles in 2022

The result of dictator Kim Jong Un’s madness is that only last year he has tested more than 60 ballistic missiles. In preparation for military modernization, Kim has fired hundreds of missiles in the last few years. During the last 6 months, it has been seen that Kim launches his missiles at the same time when South Korea and the US Army are preparing for maneuvers.

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