Delhi Police Website Breached During G20 Summit, Hacked by Pakistani Collective

G20 Summit: For the second time in two days, a Pakistani hacktivist collective by the name of Team Insane PK broke into the official website of the Delhi Police. On Saturday, the website was unreachable for at least 30 minutes and displayed the notice “The service is unavailable.” The incident happened at the same time as the G20 conference, in which India is taking part. Along with several other Indian websites, the Mumbai police website was also hacked on Friday.

A Closer Look at the Religious Group Turned Hacktivist Collective

Team Insane PK is a religious organisation that has been actively attacking Indian internet since February 2, 2023, according to a threat intelligence platform. To interrupt and vandalise websites, the gang mostly employs distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and defacement attacks. “Notorious Pakistan group team insane pk is again targeting Delhi Police’s website,” Falcon Feeds io wrote in an X post.

Delhi Police Yet to Address Cyberattack

The cyberattack has not yet been the subject of an official announcement from the Delhi Police. How the hackers managed to get past the website’s protection and what their goal was are both unknown. This has occurred as the government has strengthened the cybersecurity of its infrastructure to guarantee the successful completion of the G20 conference. The government has adopted a “zero-trust policy” as part of its precautionary measures for the G20 summit, which calls for rigorous authentication and authorization of every device and anyone before they are allowed to access or transfer data on a private network. Additionally, it has restricted everyone’s access capabilities besides the admin.

Government’s Strict Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Internet Access

The government has also made it illegal for any outside devices to connect to the internet at the summit venue and has set up organisations like CERT-IN to utilise cutting-edge technology and techniques to defend against any cyberattacks. The hotels where the delegates are staying are also subject to these regulations. The hotels have been told by the authorities to keep track of all network activity, log it, and shut off any idle router and switch ports. To stop any unauthorised access, this is done.

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