Delhi Police reached Vikas Malu’s farm house to investigate the death of Satish Kaushik, interrogated these people

Satish Kaushik Death: Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik The death case has taken a different turn. On March 9, he said goodbye to the world. Before his death, he lived in Delhi with his friend and Vikas Malu Was at the farmhouse of K, who is a businessman. On the other hand, Saanvi, Vikas’s wife, has accused her husband of killing Satish.

A new angle came to the fore in this matter after Saanvi accused her husband. At the same time, Delhi Police is also seen in action. Now the Delhi Police engaged in the investigation has reached Vikas Manu’s farm house.

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Police questioned staff members

Significantly, Satish had attended a party organized at the farm house before his death. On the other hand, after reaching there, the police have questioned the staff members and guards who were present at the farm house that day. Along with this, the police have also checked the entry register of the guard room to see who had come to that party.

Satish’s wife told Sanvi’s allegations baseless

Saanvi has said against her husband that she had given a loan of Rs 15 crore to Satish and did not have to return this money, so it is possible that she killed Satish. However, while giving his clarification on this, Vikas said that his name is being maligned. Satish was like his family for 30 years and he will always remember him.

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Talking to a news channel, Satish’s wife Shashi termed these allegations against Vikas as baseless. It was said from his side that Satish and he were very good friends. Vikas cannot kill anyone for the sake of money. He has also rejected the case of money lending. She says that her husband was present in Delhi for Holi. However, now it has to be seen what comes to the fore in the investigation of the police. Let me tell you, in the postmortem report, the cause of his death was told as a heart attack.

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