Delhi has the most active cases of Kovid after Kerala, cases increasing every day

Corona cases in India: There are more than 6 thousand active cases of Corona in Delhi. The positivity rate of Corona is also not decreasing in the capital.

Covid Virus: in India corona virus Currently not reducing its scope. Active cases are increasing every day. The number of active patients has crossed 65 thousand. Out of these, about 20 thousand active cases are from Kerala only. Maharashtra had the most active cases after Kerala, but now Delhi has overtaken Maharashtra in this matter. Now the capital has the highest number of active Covid cases after Kerala. Patients with home isolation in the capital have also increased due to this.

According to, the official website that provides Covid data, there are 6046 active cases in Delhi and 6102 in Maharashtra. Active cases have reduced slightly in Maharashtra, but the increase continues in Kerala and Delhi. There has not been a significant reduction in the rate of infection in Delhi. It remains at the level of more than 25 percent. Although there are not many patients of Kovid in the hospitals of the capital. This figure is less than the third wave. Currently less than 300 patients are admitted. In the third wave this figure was slightly higher. However, like the third wave, this time also the patients do not have serious symptoms.

Kerala tops in active cases

Kerala is at the forefront of active cases of Kovid. There are 19399 active cases in Kerala. Active cases in Kerala are increasing every day since last 27 days. Although the positivity rate in Kerala is stable. In both Kerala and Maharashtra, the infection rate of the virus is not increasing much now. Experts say that the peak of Kovid may come soon in Kerala too. The cases are expected to peak in the next seven to ten days. After this the number of cases will start falling.

covid a common disease

covid expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar Says that Kovid has become a common disease. Cases are increasing since a month and daily cases have reached around 12 thousand. This shows that the infectivity of the virus has reduced considerably, although tests are also being reduced, but it is seen that symptoms similar to flu are being seen in Kovid patients. In such a situation, there is nothing to worry about the increasing cases. Now we have to pay attention to other diseases as well. Also, special care will have to be taken of those at high risk.

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