Congress MLA Allegedly Makes Dalit Lick His Shoes, Deputy SP Faces Urination Accusation

Jaipur News: Similar to Madhya Pradesh, an event involving urine has gained attention in Jaipur. After a Dalit claimed that he was kidnapped and beaten up in Rajasthan’s Jamwaramgarh region, deputy SP Shivkumar Bhardwaj defecated on him. Gopal Meena, a Congress MLA, licked his shoes after that. The MLA and the Deputy SP are two of the four people who are the subject of the case.

MLA Denies Involvement

According to MLA Gopal Meena, ‘I am unrelated to this situation. A land dispute exists here. Allegations can be made by anyone. The reality will come to the fore during the case investigation.’ The victim, 51, stated that he oversees the Todaldi Storm’s land. Around 1:00 pm on June 30, he and his wife and partner were working on the farm. They were taken hostage by the police, who then violently forced them into the car before driving them to the home of MLA Gopal Meena and locking them in a room. The police officers who eventually entered the room slammed him to the ground and beat him while verbally insulting him. Deputy SP Shiv Kumar Bhardwaj urinated on his face after pleading with him to leave. Said: Raja Gopal Meena of Jamvaramgarh deserves respect, therefore how dare you visit his land in Todaldi without doing the same. Bhardwaj assaulted him and warned him, “You have seen what happens when you disobey the MLA.” Then, he was led into the hallway.

Victim’s Account of Shoe-Licking Demand Amid MLA Gopal Meena’s Power Play

MLA Gopal Meena is claimed to have been seated in the hallway on his chair. Shankar, with whom he had previously worked, went there and begged MLA Gopal Meena to leave. Until he uses his tongue to clean my shoes, MLA Gopal Meena stated. I won’t let go till that time. He used his tongue to clean the MLA’s shoes in order to escape with his life. Bhardwaj promised to ruin everything he wanted to ruin as he walked away. We own the legislature and the government. Only MLA Gopal Meena’s directives are followed when we are appointed. Even if he returns to Todaldi’s property, he will be slain and no one will be able to find his body. The victim claims that when he went to the police station to file a report a few days later, the police did not do so. The victim then appealed to DGP and SP Rural. However, the case was not filed. The victim sought sanctuary in the court after becoming distressed, and on July 27 the FIR for the full matter was filed at the Jamwaramgarh police station via the court. The issue involves the land owned by former DG Navdeep Singh and his wife Param Navdeep, according to MLA Gopal Meena. By exerting pressure on me, these individuals hoped to take possession of the land. I’ve never met the victim. I’m not involved with this at all.

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