Chinese Think Tank Accuses India of Sabotaging Summit Agenda, Claims India ‘Hijacked Spotlight

G20 Summit: A think group linked to the Chinese Ministry of State Security accused India of seeking to advance its own agenda and hurt China’s interests by using its position as the G20 Summit’s host country. The China Institute of Contemporary International Relations made its remarks as the yearly two-day G20 conference in New Delhi got underway with Chinese President Xi Jinping conspicuously absent.

Chinese Think Tank Critiques India’s G20 Hostship

The think tank further charged India with bringing geopolitical “private goods” on the world stage, which it claimed would both assist India achieve its role as the G20 Summit’s host nation and lead to new issues. Previous G20 summits have been hosted by India in disputed areas, such as Kashmir, which Pakistan contests, and Arunachal Pradesh, which China also claims. In a commentary posted on its Wechat account, the think tank stated, “In addition to causing diplomatic and public opinion turmoil, India’s actions in hosting meetings in disputed territories have also ‘stolen the spotlight’, sabotaging the cooperative atmosphere of the G20 meeting and hindering the achievement of substantive results.”

Xi’s Absence at G20 Summit Raises Questions Amid Sino-Indian Border Tensions

Questions have been raised about why Chinese President Xi Jinping did not attend the summit that Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted, but Chinese authorities have not offered an explanation. In lieu of Xi, Premier Li Qiang is speaking for China. The two Asian neighbours have been making efforts to reduce military tensions along their lengthy border. The situation, however, has been characterised as delicate and dangerous by New Delhi. India has also tightened up its inspection of Chinese investments and economic ventures since 2020.

US President Biden Expresses Disappointment Over Xi’s G20 Absence

US President Biden responded with dismay at Xi’s decision to skip the G20 summit. He did, however, add that he was looking forward to their next meeting. The think tank further said that India has been using the debt restructuring debate to criticise China and has frequently worked with the US and other Western countries to promote the “debt trap” thesis. This idea focuses on Beijing’s lending to developing nations for important infrastructure projects like ports and highways. The think tank warned that India’s actions could “further exacerbate differences and divisions, impede the international community’s ability to reach consensus and substantive outcomes, and ultimately harm its own international reputation and global development interests.”

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