China will prepare special army for war, President Jinping released new rule book

Taiwan China Relation: China has implemented new rules for military recruitment. The rules are for those recruits who will be prepared only for war. Amid tensions with Taiwan, Chinese President Xi Jinping himself has made this announcement.

Taiwan China Relation: China has implemented new rules for military recruitment amid tensions with the US over Taiwan. Military veterans have been given the task of preparing high caliber jawans. China has a plan that in the midst of a war with Taiwan, they will be sent to the frontline. Experts are saying that such an order by China is a preparation for war against Taiwan. New recruits will be specifically taught the modern methods of warfare.

The State Council and the Central Military Commission (CMC) have issued some rules in this regard. The chairman of the CMC is Chinese President Xi Jinping himself. In the new rulebook of military recruitment, 74 articles have been given in 11 parts. In this, it has been asked to prepare a system for the recruitment of high caliber soldiers, recruitment procedures and military recruitment. These rules will be applicable from next May. The rules call for new recruits to focus on combat readiness and emphasize recruitment of “high-potential personnel”.

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China’s border dispute with many countries

This is the first time that China has prepared a separate chapter on wartime. Preference will be given to ex-servicemen in these recruitments and they will be expected to join their parent units or similar posts. China claims almost all of the disputed South China Sea, although Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam all claim parts of it. China has also built artificial islands and military bases in the South China Sea as part of its expansionist policies.

India-China soldiers also face to face

China and Indian soldiers are also face to face in eastern Ladakh for the last almost three years. Violent clashes along the border were also witnessed in 2020. Every day China tries to act unilaterally in Arumachal Pradesh. India says that until there is peace in the border areas, its relations with China cannot be normal.

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