Children’s eyes are deteriorating due to electronic gadgets, becoming victims of myopia

Myopia in kids: Due to the use of electronic gadgets, children are falling prey to myopia. This is a disease of the eyes. It is a matter of concern that the children of the village are also facing this problem.

Dr J S Titiyal

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Myopia in kids: in country electronic gadgets The use of is increasing very fast. It is becoming more and more popular especially among children. Because of this, many such diseases are also happening, which are directly affecting the vision of the children. In a recent study conducted at AIIMS, it has been found that among the children of the city myopia A lot of cases have been seen, but the most shocking thing is about the children of the village. This problem is also being seen in the children of the village. Chief Doctor, RP Center, AIIMS JS Titial has TV9 India In a conversation with, told that about 7% of the children in the village are such that cases of myopia are being seen.

Mobile making blind!

Dr. Titiyal told that these cases are there in these children because in recent times it has been seen that the children of the village are also using mobile and electronic gadgets on a large scale. AIIMS study has also claimed that the way children are using mobile and electronic gadgets in the coming days, by the year 2050, every second child in the country will need to wear glasses.

guideline is necessary

The AIIMS administration is also issuing a guideline for this. In which every child should be given outdoor activity after 1 hour of class in school. Along with this, when the child is at home, outdoor activities should be done after using electronics gadgets of the same level. Along with this, children between the age of 5 to 15 years should be made to do digital work as little as possible and digital work should not be more than 2 hours in a day.

These are the symptoms of myopia

frequent blinking

headache problem

watery eyes

loss of vision

eye strain

How to avoid myopia

To prevent myopia, doctors recommend adopting the 20-20-20 method. For this, after using gadgets for 20 minutes, take a break of 20 seconds. During this, watch at a distance of 20 feet. Now blink your eyelids 20 times. People who work in office or children who use laptop or phone can do this. By doing this the eyes get relief. It is important for children to minimize the use of electronic gadgets.

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