ChatGPT has become more powerful than before, now these new features will be available

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OpenAI has announced the latest version of ChatGPT. Apart from this, users will get many new features and support in Artificial Intelligence based chatbot. This will help in completely changing the experience of the people. American AI research company ChatGPT Plus Beta version of web browsing and 70 plugins has also been released for the users. With the popular chatbot service, you will now be able to do a lot of different things easily.

OpenAI has released ChatGPT only last year. After the new version comes, the AI ​​chatbot service will become even stronger. You will be able to use ChatGPT for everything from entertainment to shopping or job search. Apart from this, its unique features can be used to give weather information or weather forecast.

ChatGPT becomes powerful

OpenAI has also added web experience to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let us see how this new thing will be for ChatGPT users.

  • ChatGPT Plus users will get support of 70 plugins and web browsing features under beta version.
  • ChatGPT Plus user settings in the beta features pane will give you the chance to be the first to use the new and exciting features.
  • If beta features are enabled then you will see the updated look of ChatGPT May 12. Plugins, web browsing and code interpreters will be present in GPT-4.
  • Web browsing and plugins in the beta version know how to respond to user queries or questions.
  • If you ask ChatGPT for news on a specific topic today, then web browsing will take you directly to the web.
  • Users can use GPT-4 with over 70 third-party plugins available on the Plugin Store. Sectors like entertainment, home improvement, investment, job search, marketing, shopping etc. will help. Despite having so many plugins, only 3 plugins work.

Please tell that ChatGPT Plus is a paid subscription plan. That’s why a monthly charge of Rs 1,650 will have to be paid.

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