Chaos at Gadar 2 screening in Multiplex; bouncers beat up audience, tear clothes, watch

Kanpur News: When the air conditioning was turned off during the Gadar-2 movie at South Ex Mall in Kanpur, the public made a scene. began requesting a refund of the ticket price. A fight broke out with the mall bouncers during this time. Following that, the bouncers beat up on the general people in front of the cops. many onlookers’ garments were torn. Following this, a FIR was filed against the mall manager and other parties on the Tahrir of the injured customer. Kanpur’s South City neighbourhood of Kidwai Nagar is home to South Ex Mall. On Wednesday, the night show for the Gadar-2 movie was being held there. In the midst of the show, the movie theater’s air conditioning system failed. The commotion began when people began to complain about the heat and humidity. The young people there then began a commotion about the refund of the ticket price. A large police presence, including SSI Sarita Mishra of the Juhi police station, arrived at the mall as a result of information.

Kanpur Mall Incident Erupts Over Movie AC Failure

The mall bouncers beat the teens demanding refunds in front of the cops as the commotion grew louder. Later on, though, the police managed to diffuse the situation and promise the audience that their money would be returned. Up until late at night, police remained on duty both inside and outside the mall, waiting for the gathering to dissipate. The AC had stopped as soon as the movie began, according to Rajat Gupta, who had come to see the film with his family. On this, the public made a scene about turning on the air conditioning. Request a refund of the ticket price if the AC did not come on. The mall bouncers dragged the youths and thrashed them ruthlessly when there was a fuss over not receiving the money. People in the mall are committing hooliganism in front of the cops by tearing their garments. In charge of Juhi police station According to Jitendra Singh, a FIR has been filed under the sections of assault and indecency against the mall manager and bouncers based on the allegation of bystander Rajat Gupta. Mobile videos captured on the spot and CCTV footage are now prominent. The accused will soon be subject to action.

Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Witnessed Altercation

In the middle of a performance in Bareilly, there was a fight in Sunny Deol‘s much anticipated movie Gadar 2. In which a young man struck him with a belt while intoxicated. Chaos resulted from a quarrel that broke out in the middle of the night. After that, the performance had to be stopped so that the police could receive information. This event happened near the Kotwali police station at the Prasad Cinema. The police then arrived at the scene and made inquiries on the occurrence. There has also been a video showing the altercation in the background noise.

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