Changes will start with Dhoni-Hardik’s clash, 5 new rules will increase the excitement of IPL 2023

The new season of IPL, starting from March 31, will be seen in its old style, but to make it new, some more rules are being included as an experiment, due to which players and teams will get some more powers.

The first match of the new season will be played between CSK and GT.

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New Delhi: The IPL 2023 season is very close and the curiosity about it is continuously increasing. There are many reasons for this. One reason for this is the return of the old ‘home-away’ format of the tournament. That is, all the teams will play matches in their home ground and other team’s grounds as before the era of coronavirus infection. The second reason is some new and fun rules, which are going to be a part of IPL with this season. These rules will start from the first match of the tournament starting on March 31.

The first match of the 16th season of IPL with ten teams will be played between the defending champions Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. When Gujarat captain Hardik Pandya and Chennai captain MS Dhoni come out for the toss for this match to be held in Ahmedabad, a lot will change. Let us tell you about these changes-

Announcement of playing XI

This time the most revolutionary change is going to happen regarding the announcement of playing XI. Till now the captain gives information about the playing eleven with the toss, but this time some changes are happening. Under this, the captain can keep two playing eleven at the time of toss, under which he can choose either of the two teams in case of batting first or bowling first. This rule has been brought in to reduce the effect of the toss in the match, so that only the team winning the toss does not benefit.

impact player

At the time of toss, the captain will be able to include 4 players in his playing eleven as substitutes. It can be used as an impact player. This impact player can be used at the beginning of the innings or at the end. This substitution can be done even in the event of a wicket falling. The player who went as a substitute did not get a chance to play again in the match.

There is a rule of four foreign players in the playing eleven from the beginning. In such a situation, if a team has already hired 4 foreigners, then the impact player will be Indian only. If there are 3 or less foreigners, in that case a foreign player can be fielded.

Not only this, in any situation only 11 players will be able to bat in an innings. If a player has gone out after batting first and after that the substitute player also bats, then no one player in the playing eleven will get a chance to bat.

There are more new rules

  1. Like WPL, in IPL also players will have the option of taking DRS on no ball and wide ball. This rule was tried for the first time in WPL and seeing its success, BCCI is implementing it in IPL as well. This will help in reducing the errors of the umpires even further.
  2. If the teams are not able to complete their overs on time, only 4 fielders can be deployed outside the radius of 30 yards for each remaining over.
  3. If the wicketkeeper or fielder makes unnecessary movement in any way on their position, then it will be considered wrong and instead the batting team will get 5 runs as a reward. At the same time, that ball will be termed as ‘dead ball’.

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