Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Touchdown; What’s at Stake for India’s Space Program

Chandrayaan-3: With the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft set to make a historic lunar landing, India is about to join a select group of lunar explorers. If successful, India will join the United States, China, and the former USSR as the only other countries to have accomplished this feat. The achievement will highlight India’s rise as a powerful space force, and it couldn’t have happened at a more important moment given that there will be national elections in 2019.

Prime Minister Modi’s Push for Commercial Space Investment and Lunar Exploration

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actively working to encourage investment in satellite-based companies and private space missions in addition to its focus on lunar research. Over the next ten years, India aspires to grow the percentage of the global launch market owned by its commercial space businesses by a factor of five. Since its launch, PM Modi has referred to the Chandrayaan-3 mission as a “new chapter in India’s space odyssey”. It has sparked the aspirations and goals of every Indian, demonstrating the country’s dedication to pursuing space exploration. Chandrayaan-3 is primarily aiming for the lunar south pole since it is thought that this area has water ice, a valuable resource that can be used to provide oxygen, fuel, and water for future moon missions and potential lunar settlements.

Chandrayaan-3’s Two-Week Mission and Global Collaborations

Chandrayaan-3 is planned to run for two weeks if the mission is successful, doing a variety of experiments, including a spectrometer investigation of the mineral composition of the lunar surface. The lander, which is about 2 metres tall and weighs little over 1,700 kg (about the weight of an SUV), is intended to launch a 26-kg lunar rover that is less powerful. Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, has shown interest in the findings of the Indian mission and emphasised the cooperative nature of space exploration, where the entire world gains from shared information and discoveries. The project is significant since India has joined the US-led Artemis agreement, a plan to return humans to the Moon and eventually move towards Mars. The Chandrayaan-3 mission is a monument to India’s expanding importance in the field of space exploration as well as a technological and scientific milestone for the country. India is poised to make history and expand knowledge of our nearest planetary neighbour as it stands on the cusp of lunar success.

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