Censor on David Attenborough’s series, sixth episode will not be telecast

BBC Controversy: BBC has termed this whole episode wrong. Giving information about the matter, a BBC spokesperson said that there is no sixth episode. There are only five parts in this series.

BBC once again in controversy

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BBC Documentary: BBC on British Wildlife sir david attenborough has decided not to air an episode of a major new series. According to a media report it would risk a backlash from Tory politicians and the right-wing press for fear of its themes of destruction of nature. The decision angered the program’s producers and some BBC insiders. They fear that the corporation has succumbed to pressure from lobbying groups with “dinosaurian methods”.

The BBC strongly denied this, saying that the episode was never broadcast. Let us tell you that in Attenborough’s new series Wild Isles, the beauty of the British Isles has been seen. BBC has given prime time slot to run five episodes of Wild Isles series. Let us tell you that its first episode will be telecast on Sunday, March 12.

Right wing targeted

There is also a sixth episode in this series, which talks about the loss and decline of Britain. It contains some instances of rewilding, due to which it has been decided not to run this episode. It will only be available on the BBC’s iPlayer service. According to the information, WWF and RSPB organization had funded the BBC documentary. Britain’s right-wing media organizations have fiercely targeted the BBC for this series and the money received from the charity fund.

BBC called the allegations baseless

BBC has called this whole episode baseless. Giving information about the case, a BBC spokesperson said that the allegation is completely baseless. No ‘sixth episode’. He stated that Wild Isles was always meant to be a five-part series, having acquired a separate film for iPlayer from Silverback Films to work to preserve and restore the biodiversity of the British Isles.

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