Bulldog scratched the face of a four-year-old girl, mother saved her life, police killed the dog

England in Warwickshire Bulldog Has attacked a four-year-old girl, due to which she has suffered a serious injury on her face. Seeing the daughter trapped in the clutches of the dog, the mother saved her life by punching the dog hard. There are 40 stitches on the girl’s face, while doctors say that these marks are rarely removed. The name of the innocent girl is Luna Ann Forsyth and the name of the brave mother is Amy Hobson (32).

The incident took place on April 6 in the afternoon. The child, who was the victim of a deadly attack by a bloodthirsty dog, has gone to a family friend’s house with her mother. Where the dog had already kept the room closed as a precautionary measure. Suddenly the dog somehow came out of the room. dog attacked 4 year old girl

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Relatives informed on 999

After the incident, the relatives gave a call to the 999 call center. It was learned that it would take several hours for the ambulance to reach. That’s why the mother took her badly injured innocent bleeding daughter to the hospital in a taxi and got her admitted. Where the life of the victim girl Luna-Ann could be saved by operating her face for several hours.

40 stitches came on the girl’s face

There was a lot of blood flowing from his face. 40 stitches have been put on Luna’s face. Doctors say that even after plastic surgery, the scars on the girl’s face will hardly be removed.

Talking to ‘Mirror’, brave mother Amy said, “I was present with the dog’s owner. But the dog was already locked in the room. The police asked for the attacking dog. But the owner refused to give the dog to the police.

the accused dog has been killed

The pictures of this heart-wrenching attack have been released by the mother. So that people always try to be careful with such dogs growing up in homes. Brave mother Amy said that I live with my family on the same street in Camp Hill where this bloody attack took place on my daughter in a house located. Clever woman jumps over dog to save daughter’s life

Talking about the dog owner, the fearless lady further said, “We are not friends anymore. Because after the attack, he hid the dog from the police for more than 24 hours. The average age of the dog would have been 4 years. At the same time, the police have said that the dog was recovered during the investigation. And he has been killed.

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