British husband who smothered cancer-stricken spouse recollects her last days begging him to take her life

A retired miner who killed his severely unwell spouse stated he was anticipating to spend about 5 extra years in a Cypriot jail earlier than a choose introduced his sentence.

British expat David Hunter was launched from custody final week after a court docket sentenced him to 2 years in jail for the manslaughter of Janice, his partner of 52 years.

The 76-year-old was allowed to stroll free inside quarter-hour of being sentenced at Paphos District Court because of time already served and good behaviour.

Mr Hunter spent 19 months in jail earlier than being cleared of premeditated homicide by a three-judge panel, however discovered responsible of manslaughter.

On Monday the pensioner stated that as he was about to be sentenced he was anticipating “about five years”.

David Hunter pictured visiting his spouse’s grave for first time since jail launch


The pensioner informed Good Morning Britain: “I was prepared for it, I prepared my mind for it, I always prepared for the worst.”

Mr Hunter now has a brand new residence in Cyprus, in the identical village the place he and his spouse lived up till their demise.

“I couldn’t be more pleased – I’m living where I wanted to be – 200 metres from my wife’s grave,” he stated.

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Mr Hunter stated he missed seeing his spouse’s funeral procession by “seconds” when law enforcement officials wouldn’t let him cease to have a look at it whereas transporting him by the village.

“I didn’t quite get a glimpse of the coffin,” he stated.

“That was one of the worst days in prison. Another few seconds and I would have seen my wife’s coffin.”

“I could see (the priest) coming up to the church. I said: ‘please let’s stop’.

David Hunter said his wife begged him to kill her in her final days

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“They wouldn’t let me stop. They didn’t care, they just took me away.”

He stated he tried to take his personal life after Mrs Hunter’s demise as a result of he “didn’t want to live without her”.

“When the police came, my feeling was ‘I don’t care what you do’.”

Mr Hunter stated he and Mrs Hunter spent “the 16 best years we’ve ever had” after retiring to Cyprus, earlier than his spouse grew to become unwell with a uncommon type of blood most cancers.

He informed presenters Ed Balls and Ranvir Singh that Mrs Hunter requested him to assist finish her life round six to eight weeks earlier than her demise.

“I just said: ‘no, keep fighting’. I said: ‘I don’t want to hurt you’. She said ‘you can’t hurt me anymore’.

“She kept asking me and I kept refusing.

“The last two weeks she pressured me and pressured me, she was begging me. At one point she got quite hysterical.

“She was begging the last few days and crying all the time. She was in really bad pain.”

Mr Hunter stated he had had “quite a few nightmares” since killing Mrs Hunter and would really like the British and Cypriot governments to work collectively to debate a regulation on assisted dying.

“When you take someone’s life, especially your wife who you love, it hurts.

“I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.”

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