Brace Yourself! Rainfall Alert issued for THESE States; Check latest update for your region here

Weather Update: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted that several states will experience rain and thunderstorms until Sunday. Regions including Uttarakhand, Bihar, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and Sikkim may receive light to moderate rainfall, with occasional instances of heavy to very heavy rain showers continuing until August 13.

The IMD has also predicted that Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura will experience isolated instances of heavy to very heavy rainfall over the upcoming four days. Additionally, the meteorological department anticipates substantial rainfall in the northern regions of Bihar, as well as in Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim, spanning from August 11 to 14.

Isolated heavy rainfall is expected in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, east Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana until August 13th. Similarly, West Uttar Pradesh is anticipated to encounter similar weather conditions on August 13. Over the next week, there is a likelihood of reduced rainfall activity in parts of northwest India, as well as in central, western, and southern India.

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Delhi and NCR will remain mostly clear for the whole day. However, some regions might experience partly cloudy sky. For today, the maximum temperature will be 34 degrees while the minimum will be 29 degrees with humidity at 69%.


IMD has projected that city and its suburbs will experience light showers throughout the day. This weather trend is forecast to continue for a few days more. Temperature will remain between 30-27 degrees with humidity at 85%.


Scattered thunderstorms and a mostly cloudy sky are on the cards for Chennai today. No relief is likely for a couple of days more. For today, the maximum temperature will be 34 degrees while the minimum will be 27 degrees with humidity at 72%.


As per the latest weather update, Kolkata will continue to experience moderate to heavy rains for the complete day. No change is likely in the weather conditions for a week more. For today, the maximum temperature will be 31 degrees while the minimum will be 26 degrees with humidity at 77%.

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City-wise Weather Update

City Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature
Bhopal 29.0 24.0
Ahmedabad 32.0 26.0
Sri Nagar 31.0 19.0
Dehradun 28.0 25.0
Jaipur 33.0 26.0
Chandigarh 31.0 28.0
Patna 32.0 27.0
Leh 25.0 14.0
Amritsar 35.0 28.0
Shimla 17.0 14.0

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