Boris Johnson vows to guard newts threatening plans for pool at his nation manor

Boris Johnson has vowed to do “whatever it takes” to guard newts in his backyard – although they may cease him from constructing a brand new swimming pool at his nation manor.

The ex-prime minister has even promised to construct “little newt motels” for the amphibians if vital.

After Mr Johnson sought permission in June for the brand new pool at his Oxfordshire nation manor, an ecologist suggested planners to reject the plans as a result of they may threaten native populations of nice crested newts.

In 2020, whereas nonetheless in No 10, he blamed “newt-counting” pink tape within the planning system for delays in housebuilding.

But now, quite than preventing the objection, Mr Johnson has taken the ecologist’s warning to coronary heart, saying: “Protect these animals we must, or posterity will not ­forgive us.”

“Today, in the UK, we British have done more than virtually any other human population to exterminate other members of the animal ­kingdom and sterilise our landscape,” he wrote in his newest Daily Mail column.

The former Tory chief, who was pressured to stop No 10 after an inquiry into the Partygate lockdown scandal concluded he had misled Parliament, shocked many whereas in workplace with a raft of eco-friendly insurance policies.

It was underneath him that the federal government produced an formidable animal-welfare motion plan – dropped by Rishi Sunak.

Mr Johnson needed the brand new pool for his Grade II-listed Brightwell Manor.

Local authorities ecologist Edward Church final month warned of “a reasonable likelihood” that nice crested newts may very well be affected by the plan.

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However, Mr Johnson wrote: “If it turns out that our garden is so honoured and so fortunate as to be the home of some newts – great crested, ­palmate, whatever – I want you to know that I will do whatever it takes to protect them.

“If we have to build little newt motels to house them in their trips past the swimming pool, then we will…

“We will excavate new ponds in which they can breed.”

He stated if vital he would dedicate your complete swimming pool to newts, and “insofar as I dig a pool, it will be a newt pool and not a pool for human beings”.

The UK had fewer species of amphibians and reptiles than every other nation in Europe, he stated.

“If I am lucky enough to share my garden or even my ­swimming pool with newts, I will count myself even more blessed than I already am,” he added.

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