Big Fat Indian Weddings returned, business of thousands of crores is happening in the market

Big Fat Indian Weddings returned, business of thousands of crores is happening in the market

Marriage is such a time that comes only once in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to live it in their own way. The trend of Destination Wedding to Big Fat Indian Wedding has returned again after Corona. In destination wedding, people go to their favorite place and have a luxury or grand wedding. This includes everything from Grand Venue to Budget Wedding.

The trend of destination wedding and grand wedding is increasing. Because of this, there is a significant growth in the income of wedding planners and people working in this business. With the increase of this trend, business worth crores is also coming in the market.

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flying in the air getting married

In the last few years, people are so excited about their marriage that they are getting married in different ways. Which then later also come in trend. People are getting married in Gandola from getting married in a chartered plane. On the other hand, some are getting married in a pizza restaurant theme in Italy while sitting on a boat in Venice. The surprising thing is that people are ready to spend crores of rupees in these marriages.

business worth crores

According to the figures of the Confederation of All India Traders ie CAIT, about 3.2 million marriages took place between November and December last year. Due to which the business of 36 thousand crores has come in the country. Where it was around 20 thousand crores in 2019, last year i.e. after Corona, there has been a tremendous jump in it in just 2 months.

At the same time, there are some people who are ready to spend crores of rupees in their marriages alone. From clothes to jewellery, decorations, food and entertainment in marriage, people are ready to spend money blindly. They believe that marriage happens only once in life, so why not spend a lot in it.

A grand wedding costs so much

According to Economic Times, if you want to have a grand wedding in a five star hotel, then it may cost you crores. If you keep a wedding function for 2 days between 200 guests, then you can spend from 3 crores to 10 crores for this. This amount can increase or decrease according to the needs of the extended family and guests. On the other hand, if you do a destination wedding, then you may have to spend 25 lakh to 50 lakh rupees for this.


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