Biden took a pinch of Donald Trump, told future president, said- I had a big fight

Joe Biden also said during the speech that I have never been as optimistic about the future of America as I am today.

US President Joe Biden

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us President Joe Biden described himself as 400 years old during a speech in Philadelphia on Thursday and Donald Trump Was called the future president. He said this while taking a jibe at Donald Trump. Along with this, he also said that he never had as many hopes about the future of America as he has today. This video of Biden’s speech is becoming quite viral on social media.

According to The New York Post report, Biden jokingly said that as you can tell, I have only been around for 400 years and I have never been more optimistic about the future of America than I am today.

What did Biden say about Donald Trump?

While talking about Trump, he said, “I was involved in the US presidential election race at that time and you may remember that I had a big fight with the former president and probably the future president.” The audience also reacted strongly to Biden’s statement.

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Let me tell you, 80-year-old Biden is considered the oldest President of America and is ready to face 76-year-old Donald Trump in the elections next year. However, he has not formally announced his candidature for the top post.

Nikki Haley has also presented candidature

Let me tell you, before this, Nikki Haley has announced her candidature for contesting the presidential election. He presented himself as a youth leader and described himself as a better option than former President Donald Trump. 51-year-old Nikki Haley Haley has been the governor of South Carolina twice and has also been the US ambassador to the United Nations.

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