Biden says ‘world is safer’ as he meets with Japanese and South Korean leaders at Camp David

President Joe Biden hailed Friday’s unprecedented trilateral summit with Japanese and South Korean leaders as a harbinger of a safer world on account of recent safety cooperation between the three democratic allies.

Speaking at Camp David initially of a gathering with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeon, Mr Biden famous that the three-way confab was the “first ever standalone summit between the leaders of Japan and Republican Korea and the United States”.

The American president additionally stated that strengthening ties between the three democratic nations had “long been a priority” for him.

“Our countries are stronger and the world would be safer as we stand together,” he stated, earlier than thanking Mr Kishida and Mr Yoon for his or her braveness in making the choice to thaw what has been an often-icy relationship between Tokyo and Seoul, attributable to longstanding tensions between the 2 international locations on account of Japan’s occupation of the Korean Peninsula through the Second World War.

The Japanese and Korean leaders every arrived on the historic presidential retreat earlier on Friday by helicopter, with Mr Biden greeting them individually as they alighted from their aircrafts.

Both leaders have met various occasions over the past a number of months in an effort to ease longstanding tensions between the 2 US allies, together with outdated grievances relationship again a century to the Japanese Empire’s occupation of the Korean Peninsula.

According to a senior Biden administration official who briefed reporters on plans for the summit, the 2 Asian leaders have “taken further steps to reengage technologically, militarily and politically” at every of their earlier conferences, receiving quiet encouragement from Mr Biden throughout respective bilateral engagements.

The official stated Mr Kishida and Mr Yoon have each needed to overcome “uncertainties” in regards to the rapprochement, together with “substantial” questions and opposition about their tentative steps in the direction of deeper cooperation.

“There were some starts and stops along the way. But what we’ve seen over the course of the last several months is nothing short of courageous diplomacy on the part of President Yoon and matching efforts by Prime Minister Kishida,” the official stated.

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