Biden included two Indians in the advisory committee, know who are Revati Advaiti and Manish Bapna

Both the Indians have done very good work in their respective fields. This is the reason why the US President has expressed confidence in him.

Revati Advaiti and Manish Bapna

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Washington: president of america Joe Biden Has included two Indian-American citizens in the Advisory Committee. Flex Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Revathi Advaiti (Revathi Advaithi) and CEO of Natural Resources Defense Council Manish Bapna (Manish Bapna) was nominated for the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations.

Biden on Friday announced the appointment of 14 people to the advisory committee. The committee provides overall policy advice to the US Trade Representatives on matters of development, implementation and administration of US trade policy.

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who are Revathi Advaiti

The White House said that since taking over as CEO of Flex in 2019, Advaiti has been responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and leading Flex through change. This company is defining a new era in manufacturing. She has been named among Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Industry and Business Today’s Most Powerful Women in India for four consecutive years.

Manish Bapna NRDC President

The White House said that Manish Bapna is the President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). NRDC has played an important role in achieving many environmental achievements in the last half a century. Bapna’s leadership roles in her 25-year career have focused on tackling the root causes of poverty and climate change.

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These people are also included in the advisory committee

According to a White House press release, the US advisory committee includes Revati Advaiti and Manish Bapna, besides Timothy Michael Brose, Thomas M. Conway, Erica RH Fuchs, Marlon E. Kimpson, Ryan, Shonda Yvette Scott, Elizabeth Schuler, Nina Zlossberg-Landis and Wendell. Names like Pee Weeks are included. (input language)

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