Biden chuckles over Trump’s mugshot: ‘Handsome guy. Wonderful guy’

President Joe Biden chuckled when requested about his predecessor Donald Trump’s mug shot taken on the Fulton County jail in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr Biden was requested by Bloomberg in regards to the photograph when popping out of a pilates and spin class in Lake Tahoe, California. The president stated he noticed the picture on TV.

“Handsome guy. Wonderful guy,” Mr Biden stated.

Mr Biden was booed by bystanders as he approached the press. He stated he watched not less than an hour and twenty minutes of the primary Republican debate, which didn’t function Mr Trump.

The president stated he didn’t “learn much” from the Milwaukee showdown.

“I don’t remember them speaking to any of the issues,” he stated.

“I don’t quite get where they’re going,” he added. “I didn’t learn much.”

Mr Biden is the newest of quite a few Democrats who’ve shared their reactions to Mr Trump’s mugshot.

New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman shared his gleeful response to the photograph after the previous president surrendered for the arrest.

Mr Bowman, a former educator who received his seat again in 2020, shared a video of himself laughing on the mug shot, saying “we got you, and more to come” earlier than calling Mr Trump a “crook,” “clown,” “criminal,” and a “thug”.

Like Mr Trump, Mr Bowman used the mug shot to fundraise for the Democratic effort to take again the House.

In a prolonged statement on X, the platform previously often known as Twitter, Mr Bowman wrote: “In a normal world, Donald Trump’s mugshot would be the end of his political career. But in this world, his poll numbers are actually going up.”

He continued: “This mugshot is not what you think it is. It’s a jackpot for Trump who will use this image to raise MILLIONS of dollars from his cult – and the worst part is they are going to use it to win even more elections so they can change our laws to make it easier to steal our Democracy.

“It’s a symbol of everything that is wrong with our country. It is a reminder of the deep divisions that exist, the hatred that is spewed, and hate is tolerated. It is a sign that our democracy is in danger.”

The New York consultant stated that the GOP “will solidify their support around Trump and our fate will be sealed … because Republican voters trust Trump more than their own friends and families. They believe that Trump is one of them and they want revenge”.

Maine Democrat Chellie Pingree tweeted: “In the United States, no one is above the law. No one.”

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Democrat Madeleine Dean wrote: “Four indictments and 91 charges in total now against the former President. This is not normal.

“I’m sad for our country; hopeful for justice; thoughtful for Mr. Trump’s day in court; disappointed yet confident for our democracy and rule of law. No one is above the law.”

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