Bad news for senior citizens from Indian Railways, now there will be no discount in fare

The concession given to senior citizens and second class passengers in trains two years ago will not be started again. railway (Indian Railways) has once again made it clear that senior citizens (Senior Citizens) At present, the facility of discount given in trains is not being restored. Railway has said in written information that the concession given in passenger fare to senior citizens has been withdrawn from 20.03.2020. During 2019-20, due to the concession in passenger fares to senior citizens, there has been a loss of revenue of about 1667 crores.

While the government gave a subsidy of Rs 59,837 crore on passenger tickets in 2019-20. This railway says that it gives an average concession of 53 per cent to each person traveling.

Railway operates different types of train services like Garib Rath, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Vande Bharat, Gatimaan, Tejas, Humsafar, Mail/Express, Ordinary Passenger etc. Apart from this, coaches of different categories like First AC, Second AC, Third AC, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, Second Class Reserved/Unreserved etc. are available for the use of passengers including senior citizens at various fares, in which you can choose the fare of your choice. Can travel accordingly.

Railways has again clarified that after review, further concessions are being given from this subsidy amount for many categories like students and patients. Also someone is likely not to be included in this category at the moment.

What facilities are the railways providing to the elderly?

Lower berths are provided to senior citizens traveling by trains. For this, a provision has been made to automatically allot lower berths to senior citizens, women passengers of 45 years and above. Apart from this, a combined quota of six to seven lower berths per coach is being kept in the sleeper class. Whereas, in 3 Tier (3AC), four to five lower berths are reserved in each coach.

On the other hand, three to four lower berths per coach in AC 2 tier (2 AC) class (depending on the number of coaches of that class in the train) for senior citizens, women passengers of 45 years and above and pregnant women. Passengers with disabilities (PWD), pregnant women who have been allotted upper, middle berths by the system, are provided with allotment of lower berths which are vacated by the ticket checking staff in the train.

The total average daily number of trains operated on the Indian Railways network is 10378, which includes 2032 mail/express services and 2687 passenger services. About 2 crore passengers travel.

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