Attack on players with knives, burning firecrackers thrown on the body, shocking scene in LIVE match

Delhi: Football. This game is known for its speed and passion. Equally, he remains in discussion about the incidents related to himself. we here Football After seeing the visuals of the incident related to the match you are referring to, your heart will be shaken. The horrific scene shown on the field during the live match will surprise you. This was seen during the match between Bursaspor vs Amedspor.

Amedspor players were attacked with knives, firecrackers and bottles at the same time as these two teams were warming up before the match. This attack was done by the fans, whose pictures are now viral on social media as well. During this, the domestic fans were also singing anti-Kurdish songs during the entire match.

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The attacks took place till the match went on.

The indignation of the fans on the players during the warm-up continued during the match as well. The game went on for 90 minutes and throughout this time the anger of the fans was visible on the players. He was seen throwing water bottles at them. Even after the final whistle of the match, the spectacle continued.

Players were targeted with knives!

This scene became more horrifying when a picture of the recovery of a knife from the field came to the fore, which was thrown at the players by the fans from the stands itself. Amedspor’s team complained about this whole incident. He claimed that he was also harassed in the dressing room by the private security supervisor, club security officer, club staff and police officer.

Turkish Football Federation silent in the matter

Till now no statement has come from the Turkish Football Federation on this whole matter. According to the information received, 5 arrests have been made in the case so far. Let us tell you that Amedspor has been involved in controversies in Turkey for the last few years. The reason for this is its changed name, which is based on the Kurdish city of Amed.

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