ATM transaction failed even if there is money in the account, the bank will pay fine, know the details

If the bank is not able to solve the problem of the customers within 30 days. So the bank will compensate the customers in the form of a fine at the rate of Rs 100 per day.

If you have an account with Punjab National Bank, you may have to pay a penalty of Rs 10 + GST ​​for ATM transactions if the transaction fails due to low balance in your accounts from May 1, 2023. The bank has announced this new rule on its website and to inform the customers about the charges sms alert started sending. So that you can maintain your account and avoid the penalty of Rs 10 + GST. However, PNB has made a new guideline to solve the problem of ATM transaction failure even when there is sufficient balance in the account.

If the customer lodges a complaint regarding a failed ATM transaction, the bank will resolve the issue within seven days of receipt of the complaint. Apart from this, if the bank is not able to solve the problem within 30 days. So the customers will be compensated by the bank at the rate of Rs 100 per day.

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Complain on these helpline numbers

Please tell that your transaction fails while using ATM. So PNB customers can contact customer care center through toll-free numbers 1800180222 and 18001032222 to register their complaints, Also the bank is conducting a customer satisfaction survey in which customers can participate by visiting PNB’s website . They can give feedback about their experience with the bank’s services and whether they are satisfied with the bank or not.

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Bank working to assure resolution

PNB’s new guideline may upset some customers who are facing unexpected charges, but the bank is working to ensure customer satisfaction and timely resolution of issues. PNB is committed to provide the best of customer service to its customers with efforts to strengthen its customer services and collect feedback through surveys.

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