Atiq Ahmed brought back to Sabarmati Central Jail

Mafia don Atiq Ahmed has been sent to Sabarmati Jail again after being sentenced to life imprisonment in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case of Prayagraj. Three days ago, on March 26, the UP police took Atiq Ahmed to Prayagraj to present him in the MP-MLA court. Now after 73 hours, a lot has changed for Atiq, who has returned to Sabarmati Jail. Earlier he was an accused, but he has become a prisoner. Now there he will see many types of changes.

Atiq Ahmed was sent from Prayagraj to Sabarmati Central Jail in Gujarat amid heavy security arrangements. Whereas in the same case, his brother former MLA Ashraf, acquitted, was sent back to Bareilly jail. All the way, Atiq Ahmed was taken to Sabarmati Jail amidst tight security.

Now have to live according to the prisoner

In Sabarmati Jail, Atiq Ahmed will now have to live according to the rules of a convicted prisoner. According to the jail rules, he will not be able to wear even the clothes of his choice. There he will be kept in the old jail in white dress. This will be the first time that Atiq Ahmed will have to wear jail clothes. In such a situation, in the next one to two days, Atiq will be given jail clothes and a new barrack along with the prisoner number.

It should be known that the UP Police had earlier made preparations to keep Atiq Ahmed in Naini Jail, but due to the order of the Supreme Court, Atiq Ahmed has been brought back to Sabarmati Jail. On March 28, after Atiq Ahmed left for Sabarmati Jail again, preparations had started for him there.

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